1. labsinthe:

    "Summer" Emily Wake photographed by Jean-François Lepage for Amica Italia 2010

  3. mattcaplin:

    Alba & Nirrimi. That one morning we woke to snow in the Blue Mountains.

  5. edwardisais:

    © Edward Isais Photography

  6. honey-rider:

    House Madness . Compagnie Parisienne Edition . 1954

    Illustration: Micha (Misha) Grdseloff

  7. Untitled (The Ledge), 2002
    Untitled (Backdoor Pipeline, Hawaii, Spr
    Untitled (Dragon's Head), 2001
    Untitled (Hell's Gate), 2001


    Robert Longo, selections from Monsters, all charcoal on mounted paper.

  8. indonesianmodels:

    Michelle Agnes, Reti Ragil, Putri Sulistyowati by Ryan Tandya for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia Jul 2014

  9. vivipiuomeno:

    Jan Saudek ph. - Jan’s Dream (fading legs) 77

    (via foxesinbreeches)